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Paul Blanca And His Shocking Art Photography

Paul Blanca (1954/58), official title Paul Vlaswinkel, is really a Nederlander artist (art digital photographer) who'd a breakthrough in early 80s from the 20th century together with his confrontational violent self-portraits affected through the American photography enthusiasts Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) and Andres Serrano (1950). The self-trained Blanca arrived to touch using the artscene as he met Avoi Veldhoen, the daughter from the well-known Nederlander painter Aat Veldhoen (1934). The acquaintance with this particular artistic atmosphere would be a real eye-opener for Blanca and very soon after he began taking photos of, first colored having a small screen camera but soon after shooting in B&W utilizing a Hasselblad camera (6 X 6 centimetres).

In 1980 he was introduced around the world-famous choreographer Hendes van Manen (1932), who's a meritorious digital photographer themself coupled with a photograph studio. Besides their mutual curiosity about photography, Van Manen also used Blanca in a single of his dance choreographies known as Pose by which Blanca carried out like a kick-boxer, he would be a specialist of the full-contact sport from age 16, encircled by ballerina's.

Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) who had been a detailed friend of Van Manen was very astounded by Blanca's self-portraits and then introduced him to New York's high society (like Keith Haring, Willem p Kooning, Japser Johns, Sophistication Johnson...etc.) stating 'Paul Blanca is my only competitor'. The skill collector Bill Katz states in Anthony Haden Guest's True Colors - The Actual Existence from the Art World on Blanca: "...he reaches a type of poetry couple of artists have".

The majority of Blanca's self-portraits cope with strong feelings and violent styles like fear, sadness, discomfort, agression and sexuality exploring his inner devils. Diametrically from this harsh work, you will find the sensitive and delicate pictures such as the one known as Mother and Boy (Mapplethorpe's favourite) showing themself inside a tender embrace together with his mother, both fully naked, or even the portrait holding his newborn boy in mid-air known as Father and Boy.

In 1986 Blanca done a magazine known as Timing (edition of 1000) which featured the approaching Nederlander artists from the eighties and the photographs were supported by poems of Koos Dalstra (1950). For his touching series Componen la Pluie des Femmes (1989) he requested his female models to think about their most distressing encounters. Along with Hendes Gieles and Francis Boeske from the gallery Vous Etes Ici he created the magnificent Sangre p Toro series in 1991 (see 'Blood from the Bull' below).

Throughout this time around Blanca also began like a research-journalist for that Amsterdam weekly, Nieuwe Revu and also the newspaper Het Parool. He authored about crack and again exploring their own limitations he began for doing things themself, leading to a dependancy. His article for Nieuwe Revu on weapons was the beginning reason for a volitile manner with him as being a suspect within the assault on Take advantage of Scholte in 1995 due to his "understanding" of grenades. There is a lengthy silence however in 2008 Blanca came back having a project known as Mi Mattes by which he captured pics of gangmembers hanging out his studio.


Through the years there appears to become an growing will-energy in Blanca's self-portraits. In 1982 he captured pics of themself With Eelsholding six living eels in the mouth (in the perception a disgusting animal), he checks the planet (in the viewer) having a resigned facial expression like he's thinking "that's the way it really goes" using the scavengers fulfilling his desire to immortalization. In Blanca's Selfportrait, Back with Donald Duck, the big depiction on his back caused having a sharp knife (shaver) with a befriended tattoo-artist, of Donald Duck together with his thumbs up along with a large smile, like he's saying: "Continue the great work", is really a sceptical statement since the mouse is crying. In the Selfportrait Bull (1982) Blanca becomes, together with his colored body disguished like a bull and the agressive facial expression, a disturbed figure. Together with his erected penis in the left hands and the right submit a clenched grip, he's searching for an effort disarming the poetic image. The unnecessary character of Blanca's self-portraits function as a purification and for that reason he needs to subvert all limitations and norms.

Bloodstream from the Bull

Blanca who'd resided and labored in The country for 2 years (in early 90s), had, while there, become obsessed by bullfighting and maintained with the ferias (local periodic festivities) to consider photographs. To challenge themself psychologically Blanca also took part in a bullfight, avoid real bulls however with harmful vacas(cows) of 850 pounds. It intrigued him that whenever the corrida (bullfight) what food was in an finish, the bull's meat was offered in restaurants but nothing ended using the bloodstream- it's the fluid of existence, in the end. Blanca looked into whether bloodstream could be utilized for silk-screen printing-ink. The treated bloodstream was utilized for that Sangre p Toro port-folio, according to Blanca's photos. Pressing a lot of it with the screen just once created a maximum of an easy pink colour, and ultimately 35 'pulls' were needed to offer the pitch-dark tone within the pictures, developing a visible relief. The series forms a higher point around the periphery of Blanca's photo taking work. For that affecionades(enthusiasts) it is advisable, for competitors of bullfighting it's also a monument of beauty.

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