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Photoshop Red Eye Fix

Illustrator Red-colored Eye Fix

Recent versions of Illustrator come with an automatic Red-colored Eye Removal tool, however it does not always work. Where do you turn when that tool fails because it does very frequently with individuals, and usually with pets?

The strategy here is referred to by digital photographer Phil Steele in the video "Illustrator Red-colored Eye Treatment for Difficult Cases" in the Steele Training website.

This desaturate-and-burn method works as well on humans with red-colored eyes and pets with eco-friendly or yellow or any other colors triggered from your expensive bouncing light from the retina. By using this technique, you are able to recover the the most seriously blown-out eyes.

Open the photo in Adobe Illustrator and perform the following:

1. Focus around the eye of the subject using the zoom tool.

2. Get the Paintbrush (shortcut B)

3. Set your foreground color to black

4. Within the options bar, set the comb mode to paint, opacity 100%

By painting using the brush within this mode, we'll desaturate the region that people fresh paint.

5. Utilizing a small brush having a medium-soft edge, fresh paint the mis-colored area of the eye to desaturate it.

Since all we're doing is desaturating, this leaves the highlight along with other gradients that reveal the form from the eye intact. When we simply colored black we'd destroy these particulars which make the attention look realistic.

After desaturating the colour, all we have to do is darken the pupil.

6. Obtain the Burn tool

7. Within the options bar, choose Midtones, Exposure 20%

8. Fresh paint progressively within the pupil to lose (darken) the Midtones

By restricting our burn towards the Midtones, we avoid wrecking the highlight within the eye or darkening that natural rim round the eye. We simply modify the middle grey which was initially colored red-colored or eco-friendly. This is much better than while using fresh paint brush oral appliance simply painting black in to the pupil, which results in impractical bowling-ball eyes.

9. Continue burning in small strokes to darken the pupil to some reasonably dark grey (not pure black), and you are done!

Obviously, this method will not operate in every situation, because you will find lot of different kinds of "red-colored eye" in people and creatures, but it is usually my very first time-to way of tough cases.

For any video form of this tutorial, including this and many more approaches for other sorts of difficult cases, visit this YouTube link:

http://world wide

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